President's Welcome

Dear Fellow Cross-Country skiers,

With the warm weather we are experiencing so far this fall,  it’s a little harder to for some of us to get enthused about the upcoming season, but it IS coming!   We may have to chase the snow, as we have done in the past, but for sure we’ll find great skiing to enjoy together.  We are very lucky to have like-minded folks with whom to venture out and hit the trails (and restaurants.)

I hope you are all visiting our Meetup page to see what’s on the calendar.  Our Sunday morning get-into-shape hikes have commenced,  and we have some new venues this year.  We are looking forward to the season’s annual kick-off hike and potluck at the Gladwin Center on Sunday, October 22.  Meet at 3:00 for the hike, and 5:00 for the potluck.  Trip sign-ups will begin at the potluck.

We’re going to continue with monthly general meetings at the Kerrytown Concert House beginning Tuesday, November 7, and we will meet in between for social gatherings on a regular basis.  Again, check with our Meetup page for specifics.  Just click “Meetup” on our website.

Also, when we have snow locally and you plan to ski and want company, invite members by sending a group email to: - let them know when and where, how long you plan to ski and if you plan to eat afterward.  Please include a phone number.

Thanks to all the officers and board members who work to keep things going, and thanks to all the new committee heads and members for all your hard work, too.  The committees give all members the opportunity to present their ideas and input, so sign up for a committee that appeals to you.  

See you soon,

Kathleen Farmer

WSTC President, 2018-19