Formed in 1974 by a few college friends and incorporated in 1975, WSTC has grown and has been active every year since. 2014 marked the 40th year of WSTC, no doubt one of the oldest cross-country ski clubs in the US.

The Washtenaw Ski Touring Club is an organization of people with a shared interest in cross country skiing, who appreciate nature, enjoy the outdoors, want to stay active and healthy throughout the year, and enjoy the fellowship of others with similar interests.

Contact Us

P.O. Box 1967
Ann Arbor, MI 48106

Officers & Board

President: Margaret Walter
Vice-President: TBD
Treasurer: Craig Stephan
Secretary: Ed Steinman
Board members: Lane HotchkissDave Worel, Linda Lutzeier, Steu White, Jean Wineman

Who does what

Trip Comm: Kathleen Farmer, Luci Klinkhamer, Rita Mitchell, Darlene Morin, Margaret Walter
Local Outings: Jane Barrett, Carole Hann, Jan Hotchkiss, Luci Klinkhamer 
Social Comm: Jane Barrett, Darlene Morin, Richard Barron
RefreshmentsMargaret Walter, Louise Yee
Communications: Luci Klinkhammer, Rita Mitchell, Margaret Walter
Programs & Education: Charles Couasnon, Carole Hann
Donations: Carol Hohnke, Dieter Hohnke
Executive Comm: Kathleen Farmer, Carole Hann
IT, Membership: Ed Steinman

Club Benefits

Member info

Grand Island, MI • 2017